This is my vision, my goal, and my next highest timeline. A version of me that I can already feel in my heart and bones, a version of me that I can SEE for myself. Do I know how I'm going to get there? Damn sure I don't :). Will it stop me from trying, though? Of course not.

As someone who's been through things, my heart is broken open. Something tells me this is precisely why I can SEE you, too.

See beyond the surface—one direction delves deep within (revealing your true, beautiful spirit), and the other ascends high above (highlighting your evolving potential). That's the magic of portrait photography—showcasing your true essence while adding a touch of your future self to it. It's all visual, all palpable. And, oh my, do I love to be the messenger here!


As much as I believe that connection and love for the women in front of the camera are the most important things, I also feel that professional recognition is still of value so that you know you are in good hands. I chose to pursue internationally recognized accreditation for my field of portrait photography.


In September 2019, I reached the level of an associate with the PORTRAIT MASTERS, an international association of contemporary portrait photographers all over the world. To reach this status required submitting images for several rounds of Awards&Accreditation, a number of merited images, and folio review by the Master Judges.