I know how humiliation feels. How hard it is to take that ugly belittled girl you don't want to even see or acknowledge and invite her back  in, make her your own and love all the same. 


I also know that it is only after exploring the very darkest side of yours when you rise from the ashes and step into your highest power.


Now that my eyes are opened and I can see deeper, I would love to serve and be the messenger that reflects back to you

all the power,

all the light

and all the beauty 

that lives inside of you.

To strengthen the invisible sisterhood of ours where we build each other up and help to shine brighter and brighter. 

As much as I believe that connection and love for the women in front of the camera is the one and the most important thing of all, I also feel that professional recognition is still of value, so that you know you are in good hands. I chose to go for internationally recognized accreditation for my field, which is a portrait photography.


In September 2019 I reached the level of an associate within THE PORTRAIT MASTERS - an international association of contemporary portrait photographers all over the world. To reach this status required submitting images for several rounds of Awards&Accreditation, a number of merited images and folio review by the Master Judges.